Supply Chain Authorization Statement

COLAMCO is committed to the integrity of its supply chain and thus requires is suppliers and top OEM partners to comply with its corporate policies regarding supply chain authentication.

Please read the following statement an affirm your compliance below:

As one its valued suppliers or partners, I affirm that my company shall not provide, market or represent counterfeit or grey marketed products to COLAMCO, Inc.  Additionally I represent that when required, my firm holds the appropriate authorizations needed to be a wholesale distributor for all of the products it distributes.   I understand that my company's acceptance of this policy is required to conduct business with COLAMCO, Inc., participate in COLAMCO, Inc. hosted training or have my products represented on its eCommerce website.

Additionally, I understand that failure to comply will result in the loss of future business with COLAMCO, Inc. and that any risk or loss associated with providing counterfeit or grey market products to COLAMCO, Inc. will be assumed by my firm.

 I assert that my firm meets the requirements set forth in the above statement and agree to the terms.


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