Acer offers a line of value-oriented monitors from home office use to high performance gaming monitors. The company's pricing is extremely aggressive, making for some very affordable high-performance monitors in the market. Many Acer monitors outperform its competitors and receive great reviews from consumers year after year.

Acer has a reputation for making inexpensive monitors but in the recent years, the company has released a number of premium monitors. Acer Predator Z35 for instance, is a highly rated gaming monitor with boosting curved shape and fantastic color reproduction and about as immersive as gaming gets outside of wearing a VR headset. 

Another highly rated Acer Predator Series Monitor for gaming enthusiast is the Acer G257HU 25″.  Its IPS panel and high contrast ratio allow it to also be used as a multimedia workstation monitor, and the color gamut on this widescreen display is just perfect for editing high-quality photos. 

No matter what Acer monitor you buy, you'll get the best tech support with knowledgeable phone agents and a helpful site.


"I've been using a 22 inch X233H Acer Monitor for about 3 years now. It’s an excellent monitor. I've had no major problems with it. I've tried Samsung and other brands of monitor before I purchased this model. I am glad I did cause it’s been working well all this time." 
Scott Farrell - 7/29/2017