PC Refresh

Keeping your environment current, automate ineffective, outdated processes and tools

Is your corporation ready for a PC Refresh? Which technology is right for your needs and budget? When is the right time to upgrade? Is a PC refresh even necessary for your organization? Change is constant. New technologies, new hardware, new processes occur with regularity and it falls to IT to adapt and adopt. COLAMCO offers seamless IT life-cycle refresh services through our combined capabilities of procurement, warehousing, integration and national deployment. At COLAMCO, our focus is on helping our clients improving business operations and successfully execute their Computer Refresh Plan. If your organization is looking to upgrade its existing PCs, it is important to have a PC Refresh project plan in place. Without a well-organized strategy, it can be difficult to get the up-to-date IT solutions your organization needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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  • Modernization of hardware and infrastructure to promote strategic business requirement/alignment
  • Self-healing lowers support costs and enables easier ongoing compute adjustments to moderate operating costs
  • Leverage efficiencies (supported by automations) to facilitate future/ continuous updates and authorized changes
  • Users gain valuable productivity from stronger, reliable system performance