Card Stock Printers

Are you looking for the right printer to print on card stock? Perhaps you are trying to print your own wedding invitations or greeting cards and not sure how to go about printing them. Great news, most printers these days are capable of printing on card stock. You do not need to go to a professional printing service; you can create them at your own home or office.

To determine if you have the right printer to print on card stock, check your printer's supported minimum and maximum paper size guidelines. Printing card stock can be challenging if you do not know how the weight of your card stock will affect the outcome. Not all printers are suitable to print card stock, as card stock paper is thicker than standard writing paper. Using the wrong printer may end up warping and curling the heavy card stocks. In addition, printing card stock may cause jamming and roller impressions that could damage both your printer and card stock.

Printers can usually print well on thinner sheets of card stock but once you start getting into heavier weights, you would need a heavier duty printer to do the job. Below are some of our printers’ recommendations that will work well on printing card stock. 

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Card Stock Printers
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