Point-of-Sale Supplies

Point-of-sale supplies are a necessity to keep your retail business functioning. Having a company that you can rely on to provide fast shipping with items that are in stock when needed is extremely important to keeping your business up and running without interruption. COLAMCO can provide you the right POS supplies for your point-of-sale system whether it be thermal printers for your checkout, dot-matrix prints for your kitchens, receipt paper, displays for checkouts, bar code scanners or desktop PCs, we can help you determine the right POS supplies solutions you’ll need and get them to you fast.

Customers will realize the following benefits:  

  • Availability— COLAMCO has relationships with major manufacturers and distributors allowing us access to large quantities of inventory available at all times.
  • Fast Shipping— Having uninterrupted business is key to continuing to satisfy your customers, with COLAMCO’s expedited shipping services, we can offer fast delivery to fit your needs.  

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