Imaging & Printing

COLAMCO can help keep your business moving through our imaging and printer supply solutions. We have provided a system that allows you to decrease the administrative costs that go along with supporting and maintaining printers. Our imaging and printing services offer you automated ways to report printer issues and reorder toner without the need to keep the inventory on hand. This just-in-time method prevents your business from running out of toner and preventing business from continuing.

Customers will realize the following benefits:

  • Save on administrative cost– Avoid having to take the time out to reorder new toner and instead focus on your business.
  • Uninterrupted service– Automatic toner fulfillment allows the printer to send a message for reorder and send you the toner before the old toner runs out.
  • Lower inventory cost– There is no longer a need to keep racks of toner in the backroom, instead the just-in-time inventory replenishment allows you to free up your office space.
  • Better reporting and utilization Through our printer ink subscription service, you'll have the ability to print reports showing how much toner and paper you're using to help you continually increase efficiency. 

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