Information technology projects have a number of steps from idea to implementation. COLAMCO can help you fill in the gaps where you need assistance, whether that's migrating data, installation, project management or any other step. We offer services that allow you to focus on strategy and your business operations. Our team collaborates with companies to expand operations for tasks that require specific expertise or where bandwidth is limited for their current employees. 

Our targeted solutions can help streamline your current business operations. We can offer the following services to enhance your organization: 

  • Migrations of data and hardware 
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Hardware deployments
  • Installs, moves, add and changes
  • Asset wiping and disposal
  • Collaboration implementations
  • Project management 

Customers will realize the following benefits:  
  • Additional expertise - supplementing expertise with additional specialized skills where gaps are found
  • Reduced deployment time frames - with our experience, we provide steps to reduce learning curves
  • Eliminate training time - removing the need to train employees when it's provided through COLAMCO
  • On demand resources - Additional resources provided when needed, reducing cost and time