Product Lifecycle Management

Product lifecycle management facilitates the management of all phases of the product development process from creation to retirement and IT disposal. COLAMCO assists in the entire cycle and supporting phases including product configuration/design, product selection, bill of materials management, shipping, implementation and electronics waste recycling.  Using this reliable process helps our customers achieve maximum results with less cost and less time than it would take to take the effort on alone.

Customers will realize the following benefits:  
  • Reduced IT waste— Understanding the entire process allows us to help our customers plan for the entire lifecycle including recycling and refurbishing, thereby reducing waste and impact to the environment.
  • Process stability— Utilizing COLAMCO’s experience in product lifecycle management gives our customers the assurance in process stability that there is a reliable method and procedure to ensure success.
  • Maximized supply chain— COLAMCO’s relationships with vendors, manufacturers, and distributors in the supply chain provides an easy path for our customers to get the best solution at a fraction of the cost and effort it would take to do on their own.
  • Reduced prototyping cost— Product configuration and design can be a costly solution to a specific issue, COLAMCO works closely with our customers to determine cost effective solutions for our users through direct connection with manufacturers.

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