At COLAMCO, we want to ensure that your business is able to have a competitive edge by keeping up with advancements in technology. One way that COLAMCO helps our business customers do that is through leasing options. Leasing allows our customers a flexible payment structure to fit every budget with longer terms, tax benefits and easier cash flow forecasting.

With COLAMCO, IT equipment leasing is available for a variety of our manufacturers' product offerings and provides our customers with 100% cost coverage that includes shipping, software and installation. Through business computer leasing, our customers have fixed monthly payments, allowing our customers to manage budget costs without hidden fees such as risk of inflation. Leasing also helps to preserve credit by freeing up capital for other uses. At the end of the lease, our customers are provided with multiple options including purchase, renewal or equipment upgrades.

Customers will realize the following benefits:

  • 100% Cost Coverage
    • Includes “soft costs” such as shipping, software & installation

  • Flexible Payment Structure to Fit Budget
  • Conservation of Capital
    • Money isn’t tied up in equipment costs
  • Tax Benefits
    • Deduct lease payment as operating expense
  • Easier Cash Flow Forecasting
    • Fixed monthly payments help manage budget costs
  • Fixed Payments
    • Avoids risk of inflation
  • Preserves Credit
    • Doesn’t tie up a line of credit allowing more capital at your disposal
  • Longer Terms
    • Up to 60 months
  • Purchase or Renewal Options
    • End of lease options including purchase, renew or upgrade equipment

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