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COLAMCO provides companies with a line of sophisticated vending machines that go far beyond the usual snack and beverage distribution. At COLAMCO, our advanced machines exceed traditional uses and even allow for IT peripherals vending for employees. This is a simple solution that allows IT companies to provide replacement IT peripherals through an easy to use vending machine system. This automated supply system can replace more complicated supply order and tracking systems, ultimately leading to a more productive workplace. A COLAMCO machine can stock many common IT replacement items, including:

  • Replacement keyboards
  • Computer mice
  • Computer speakers
  • Laptop batteries
  • Headsets
  • Ethernet Cables
  • Other technical items

Employees are able to easily access items in the vending machine by swiping their id badges and selecting the appropriate item. The use of the badge, in combination with the item selection on the vending machine itself, allows for quality tracking of both items being ordered and which department or person required the necessary items.

There are a number of benefits to an IT peripheral vending solution, including ease of tracking both orders and inventory levels as employees are supplied with replacement products in a controlled fashion. Employees are given easy access to commonly used items which are ready for immediate use. Filling out requisition forms and waiting weeks for an item to arrive are no longer an issue. Swiping a badge to get the appropriate item also provides better access control for the company than having supplies out in the open where it is harder to track them.

Another benefit is cost control. COLAMCO peripheral vending allows for a reduction in both the cost of supplies and time spent by employees. Time formerly wasted on forms or processing and tracking orders can be used in a more productive way, and employees have no down time waiting for items to arrive. With IT peripherals vending, productivity is less likely to be interrupted. An employee simply selects the item needed and returns immediately to work. IT peripherals vending further eliminates the need for a staff member to guard the supply closet, as a vending machine provides controlled access to all available products.

Our IT peripheral vending solutions make the process of replenishing stock smoother and more automated, further reducing the risk of out of stock situations. When tools critical to a functioning workplace are not on hand, work is more likely to grind to a halt. Waiting for a simple device such as a mouse or keyboard to be shipped stagnates workflow. With IT peripherals vending, employers enjoy an automated supply that is less likely to result in lost productivity.

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