Integrated Services

Our comprehensive offering of IT integrated solutions lets you request any service from simple integration to high-end configuration. Whether you want desktops, laptops, servers, routers, switches, security products or UNIX workstations, COLAMCO delivers. COLAMCO also offers you the ability to select from most of our vast inventory of finished-good SKUs to create the solutions you require. Reconfiguration allows you to add value to systems without the expense of maintaining facilities and personnel or the time demands of doing this internally. Whether you need extra memory for one system; asset tagging, kitting services, custom documentation and images for 1,000 systems; or something in between, COLAMCO can fulfill your customization requirements.
Customers will realize the following benefits:  
  • Flexibility— COLAMCO’s integrated services allow you to determine the type of integration you need from a small out-of-the-box solution to highly configured products.
  • Customizability— With customizable IT integrated solutions that fit your specific needs including workstations, routers, switches etc., COLAMCO provides you with a solution that is easily modified for changing business needs.
  • Decreased administrative costs— COLAMCO’s integrated services free up your employees to focus on your business and leaves the reconfiguration to us.

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