Hardware Fulfillment Services

COLAMCO has 30 years’ experience in the information technology supply chain from the time of paper catalogs to catalogs on CD to online website ordering. We understand the changing IT market and have the relationships and logistics already in place to deliver the hardware you need faster and more efficiently. With hundreds of transactions processed daily and strict SLAs to meet, COLAMCO consistently exceeds customer expectations with our business hardware solutions. With a strong presence in our supply chain with our distributors and products from over 500 manufacturers, combined with over 50 warehouse locations, we are confident that we can meet your needs small or large for hardware sourcing.

Customers will realize the following benefits:  
  • Faster delivery— We are used to meeting strict SLAs for Fortune 500 clients and are confident that we can meet your needs with our various shipping options available to you.
  • Reduced transaction cost— Utilizing our services and expertise provides you with access to our 30 years of IT experience to help lessen the amount of time you spend worrying about sourcing your IT products and more time spent on your business.  
  • Inventory availability— With over 500 manufacturers and 50 distribution locations we are positive that we can find the right product to meet your specific needs and have it shipped to you quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced inventory cost— With our 50 distribution locations we are able to provide a just-in-time inventory solution, so that you don’t need to worry about storage solutions for your products.

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