(Choose/Bring Your Own Device) 

At COLAMCO, we understand the advancements in technology and the desire for many companies to offer their employees the ability to merge their personal and business devices. With the consumerization of technology and the desire to support different IT products, COLAMCO is equipped to help you determine a BYOD strategy that fits your needs whether that's BYOD or CYOD. While many people have heard of BYOD (Bring your own device) policies, increasingly becoming popular is the CYOD policy or Choose Your Own Device. What is CYOD? CYOD allows your employees to choose their own device from a list of predetermined configurations rather than have an open bring your own device policy. COLAMCO will help you navigate successfully implementing these devices and policies with an understanding of keeping your network secure and making sure the solution is scalable no matter how large you grow your organization.

Customers will realize the following benefits: 

  • Streamlined device management— Understanding how to manage multiple devices within a single network can seem daunting but COLAMCO will help you to develop a process that keeps your administrator covered from A to Z.
  • Variety of provider choices— COLAMCO will provide expertise to navigate the variety of manufacturers and service providers with different capabilities and services.  
  • Scalability— Determining a solution is important, but in deciding on that solution, it’s important to take into account growth and scalability. Understanding the capabilities of the network and devices is vital to planning a successful implementation that can scale with your business with COLAMCO’s help and expertise.  
  • Security— COLAMCO will help you keep your network secure by helping you understand the benefits of implementing BYOD and CYOD solutions to determine the right fit for your company.

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