Deploying a scalable and secure PC depot solution to meet the demanding requirements of a geographically distributed government agency.

The Client

A multibillion-dollar, global integrator that focuses on delivering end-to-end services and solutions to government customers.

The Situation

The client needed to deploy a scalable, secure and seamless logistics solution to support a flagship project and support a large US Civilian agency. Challenged with delivering end user client devices to 13 locations throughout the United States in a timeline that was more rapid than devices could be procured, built and shipped, the client needed a solution that could be ready immediately, meet the demanding security requirements and satisfy the customers timelines.

The Challenge

The client’s objectives were centered around speed and agility and required a solution that could:

  • Deploy over 30,000 client devices annually
  • Meet personnel requirements to successfully obtain government clearance to work on the agency’s network.
  • Image, asset tag, kit, deploy and ship client devices at scale
  • Provide an integrated dashboard to monitor individual assets
  • Create a custom and secure delivery solution
  • Provide white-glove delivery to Agency locations and allow for narrow delivery windows
  • Ingest decommissioned assets, provide DOD data wiping and recycle using a zero-landfill model

The Solution

To meet the demanding objectives of the client, COLAMCO and it’s partners deployed a PC depot to support the critical mission of the agency. Employees were vetted and properly credentialed to obtain access to the customers network.

  • Site surveys
  • Asset Management
  • PC Imaging
  • Kitting of Accessories
  • Updating Service Now
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Disaster Recovery contingency
  • Product Recycling
  • Asset Storage

The Result

The agency has recognized the deployed solution as a model for the future. SLAs were achieved and objectives met. The depot model is being deployed on other projects and leveraging shared resources for cost optimization.

The end-client was provided:

  • Secure, scalable solution to meet the changing
  • New Assets that were imaged and asset tagged upon arrival at their location
  • Device Recycling
  • An integrated and dynamic data interface to report on progress
  • A critical disaster recovery option to receive and store assets during a mass shutdown of all centers

The Conclusion

COLAMCO utilizing its knowledge of the customer landscape, modern deployment techniques and strategic relationships developed a turn-key solution providing end-to-end logistics management for its government customer. The client received a modern PC deployment strategy which afforded them scalability, security and efficiency.

Over 30,000 devices deployed annually
Embedded disaster decovery solutions
Highly skilled labor and program management support
Fully secure processes
A single integration process to legacy systems including ServiceNow